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Old Oct 24th, 2016, 05:19 AM   61
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Its really nice to read everyones stories and reasons. Like I said, i felt done in my 20s but yet I feel another life transition AGAIN. I feel much more in the mother stage of life now.

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I've not read though everyone's stories, we all have our reasons for being complete, i feel for those that are complete but don't want to be
We have two beautiful daughters, We have only ever been in a relationship with each other and still madly in love (15 years since we were 16) I think we're complete....
I would like to say never say never but right now we live a comfortable life, we both work part time earning decent wage, we get equal time with our children. Have two cars, average size home and generally are very happy with little stress.
IF we had another child, we would need a bigger car, our girls would have to share a bedroom and they aren't big enough for two, moving would mean changing our work pattern working full time to pay of a big mortgage and doing the whole baby thing again. Anothee child would unbalance the lifestyle (though if it happened we would of course go with the flow. DD2 still breastfed and I've always said she will decide for her but don't fancy it again. She also doesn't sleep all night at 2.
Whilst the thought of never doing it again saddens me somewhat, I am looking forward to our family adventures now we have two children and don't have to worry so much about naps, sleep, pushchairs etc.

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My two don't sleep though either. My eldest is nearly 4. He was Co slept as a baby and still needs one of us to be with him for him to fall asleep. He wakes every other night, needing one of us to help sooth him bk to sleep. My youngest is 1 and is a nightmare at night. Won't sleep for longer then a hand full of hours without waking for 2-3 hrs at a time

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Old Oct 25th, 2016, 08:13 AM   64
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My daughter's still not a fantastic sleeper either. One of us has to lay with her at night to get her to actually fall asleep and she normally comes into our bed in the middle of the night.

We're working on getting her to fall asleep on her own right now, which I'm hoping will help her stay in her own bed all night. We haven't had a proper nights sleep in three years so we're hoping that if this works with my daughter (gently weaning her off of needing us to be there) then we will try the same thing with my son when he is around 2 as that is when I will probably wean him.

I'm getting over mourning the loss of never having another baby and am also looking forward to what we will be able to do as a family of four as the kids get older. I also feel that we are starting to establish a good sense of balance and feel at peace with our decision. I still love seeing my friend's tiny babies and getting cuddles but I no longer feel the urge to have another.

I think more than anything I was sad about the fact that I won't get another year off with Ethan like I did with Isla (when I was on mat leave). My job does allow me to have every third summer off with them though so I will take advantage of that for sure

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Old Oct 27th, 2016, 18:41 PM   65
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Hey yall, joining this thread is bittersweet. My DD is 4 years old and I will be having another baby girl this Monday by elective c section. I am also having my tubes tied. My DH is wonderful and really wants a son. I always pictured myself having a son also but I guess it wasn't in the cards. We finally decided to be complete and go ahead with the procedure for an easier future financially, and the ability to be able to enjoy our girls and our family of 4 without any surprises or me having to go through another hard pregnancy (my body doesn't cope well). Plus we are both well aware that a boy isn't guaranteed and we could end up having 5 girls before we had a boy...maybe not ever. We are in our mid 20s and he is full time in law enforcement and also trying to earn his bachelors degree (so close) and I have a CNA license...which I haven't used this pregnancy(quit the hospital when I found we were expecting) and I intend on being SAHM until this one is old enough for school. So that's a few years for me to think about potential goals,career options, etc.

We are sad/happy with our decision but we both know deep down this is the right thing for us. Plus if we really truly felt strongly and in a better place on the future we haven't ruled out adoption. However it will be unlikely.

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Old Nov 4th, 2016, 14:36 PM   66
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I'm sad we are complete not by choice ( for me anyhow ) but as age has caught up with me !!! We didn't meet till we were 39 , had a late mc then our first little boy at 42 and our little girl at 43 . Today is my 44th birthday . I'd so love another but know in my head I'm pushing it . In my head I know I'm more than blessed with the children I have but my heart does not Agree and aches to be pregnant again .

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