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I totally understand we just have the one. We were told I was totally infertile on April 8th 2010 and offered ivf but I wasn't with oh then and I just wasn't ready. Fast forward to January 2011 and we had an accident me saying don't worry tubes and ovaries etc don't work... 4 weeks later I'm in hospital very very sick and another week in and they find Sam on a scan ��.

We never had the excitement or heartbreak of ttc and I was sick up to 38 weeks everyday up to 12 times... he then went breach at 38w4d and a c section at 39w2d. We knew from the moment we met him we just wanted him. He's 5 now he's been to Spain, Portugal, Majorca, Norway New York and Disney world. Off to Disney again next year. We admit he is spoilt we try not too but we can afford to treat him so we do. He's grateful polite and very happy. We have time to teach him and he's reading and writing well above where he needs to be. He's mainly spoilt with attention but we couldn't imagine a life with 2.

So I totally get where your coming from and they don't get lonely we do holidays with friends and he has a whole class full of kids his own age lol. He comes home for quiet and peace to use his words !!

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Certainly doesn't sound like a fun pregnancy! I can understand not wanting to do that again!

You are making me feel a lot better about just 1. Our friends that had their first at about the same time as we did are starting to think about number 2 and I'm just thinking that I need a cruise! We were booked to be on one (baby in tow!) right this moment but we canceled when we decided to move. Now we are trying to think about fun activities on the opposite coast (cruises over here don't have many destination options). Did you find it difficult to travel internationally with a small kid in tow? Any tips? We are thinking about Germany next year.

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