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I'm looking forward to being able to take both my children to the cinemas (too young atm)

take them to age appropriate fun days out,


Christmases with extended family.

As pp said not scheduling days around nap routine. As we currently still are.

My two have just started playing nicely sometimes together and it's beautiful to watch. Fills me with love and pride.

I just can't wait for all the great memories we can make. Now that we gave completed our family. This is the next step for us. Our journey as a family. Together, the four of us.

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Old Jan 2nd, 2017, 18:44 PM   12
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Sleep!!!!! My daughter didn't sleep through once until she was nearly two!!! Now I can even have a lie in because the kids are now capable of making their own breakfast!

As they are both at school now I can do things for myself again.

My own mental health (long story lol) I have schizoaffective disorder and another baby would almost definately mean a long term stay in the mother and baby unit.

I'm bonding more with the kids now - ive even got my 9 yr old into red dwarf! We also cook and clean together and go shopping. She can also go down the park (with a friend) by herself now. We got her a phone for Christmas .

Also I'm about to become an aunty!! My brother and SIL are having a baby and I'm not even jealous! Although I'm very excited to meet the baby! I love babies, and they're so rewarding but they're also such hard work!

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Old Jan 5th, 2017, 18:01 PM   13
Eleanor ace
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* Not worrying about SIDS/something else awful happening to a vulnerable newborn
* Sleep!
* Not having to get by on maternity pay
* Being able to do older kid stuff with all of my children
* Being able to focus on myself a bit more, get back in shape and not put it off thinking "oh there's no point, I'll just be pregnant again in a few months".
* No more baby mess at meal times (I swear my youngest is able to multiply any food item by 10, pulp it and spread it everywhere)
* Traveling (bus/train/flights) will be easier
* Once my youngest is at nursery I will have 2.5 days a week where I can work and tidy in peace which will be amazing!

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For me recently I decided that I was having no more and that my 2 are my complete family my positives for this meant that I can now plan my career I'm going back to college this September with plans to go to university next September to do my paramedic studies. If I had another baby this wouldn't be possible it would mean putting my life on hold again living in the same council house and not really moving forwards. For me I want a good job so I can get a mortgage and a nice house on a nice estate another baby would make this harder to achieve. I am looking into getting sterilised when I turn 30 next year as my doctor won't let me have it done before then.

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Old Jan 28th, 2017, 15:02 PM   15
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Positives of being done -

Knowing i can get the house all properly decorated when my youngest is about 3 (only 10 weeks now) and it not being completely trashed by messy toddlers.

Planning holidays/days out etc and not have any other babies to add on.

Being done with nappies/potty training.

My kids are 2.5 and 3.5 and we have now started little traditions/routines, on a fri night we have movie night with popcorn and pizza and were trying to start swimming on sat mornings. They have got into these routines and enjoy them but find it hard to keep up with things like this when you have the chaos of babies ir being tired with pregnancy etc.

In the very far away future im excited to book a big abroad family holiday that i couldnt do with a baby or small toddler.

When my youngest is at nursery i plan to go back to uni to retrain as a nurse. If i was to have another id have to put it off another 3 years!

I say all this but my youngest is very new and still has to do all these things haha.

Im not looking forward to not having a pram or buggy iv pushed one everyday for the past 3.5 years and think il still have one another 2 years. I feel so strange walking without a buggy!

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I get to go to yoga class, get my hair & nails done, meet friends for dinner, read books until the end. I don't have to carry heavy-ass loads anymore. I don't have to cater to someone else 24/7. I don't have to do diapers or lose sleep or carry a 50 lb diaper bag. I get to go to the movies. I don't have to lug around a strolller. I don't have to pay for an extra suitcase just for his diapers & such every time we travel. I don't have to tidy the house constantly because he can put away his things now. I don't have to wipe his booty anymore. Omg...the list goes on & on & on...

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I love some of these responses.

We are nearly nappy free in the day, can't wait...

I don't have to have a pushchair anymore (but do use one occasionally)

Next summer I'm thinking holiday abroad woo.

Also we can do actual fun things like bowling!

Omg babies are such hard work, it's a good job they are cute.

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