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Therapy (light hearted)

So when I was pregnant and feeling really rough with morning sickness, my ds1 went through a phase where he was obsessed with the Japanese film tortoro. I used to put ds2 to nap and ds1 would watch it whilst I tried to keep going. The phase of ended and we don't watch it now... Until today. Well I heard the music and I just felt soooo poorly it was weird! It's like a therapy for broodiness!

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Haha, I am the same with Go Jetters on Cbeebies. I actually can't watch it now without feeling very nauseous! My son was obsessed with it during the first half of this pregnancy when I had hyperemesis and could barely function.

(I hope it's OK to be in 'complete families' whilst pregnant as I am 1000% done after this baby)

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