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Need help !!

Hi guys , my LO is 3 days old and just home from hospital . I have a 2 year old son ( just a week gone 2 ) also . He is REALLY struggling with baby being here . He is out of sorts , acting out and a times pure distressed , tearful , hysterical ect without knowing why . I'm trying to spend lots of one to one time with him. Keep his routine the same and include him with baby ... Ie helping changing nappies ect ... Any other advise my heart is aching for him

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I have 2 boys aged 8 and 6 (so, 2 years between them).
I had a similar situation.

Older boy was very much a mummy's boy. And when the baby arrived he was confused.

Was jealous, had some regressing behavior (pooping in his pants, even though he was potty trained to poop by then).

All I can suggest - involve your oldest in your baby activities as much as you can. Let him do similar things to what baby does - if you feed baby watching a movie on the sofa - do the same with your oldest, if your baby sleeps in your room - let your oldest sleep there too.

Also, if you have a chance, take your oldest out alone when you can, even for an hour to a playground.

My oldest struggled with a baby brother for a while... Now they are friends, but even though my youngest absolutely adores his older brother, my oldest is more reserved. He loves him, but can still be mean to him sometimes. But maybe it is also a personality trait....

Big hugs and all will be fine.

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