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Jealous over friend's pregnancy?

A friend of mine has recently announced that she's pregnant with her second child and I'm finding it so difficult to be happy for her as I feel so unbelievably jealous. We already have 3 children and in reality I feel like I need to accept we aren't ever going to have anymore, but I don't understand why this one friend has made me so incredibly jealous. I have other friends who are pregnant now or friends who have categorically stated when they will start trying for their next and yet none of these bother me. How will I cope with 9 months of her talking about her new baby??!!

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Is she a closer friend? I'll be honest, when we were TTC, and it was taking forever and we were dealing with fertility issues-- literally, everyone I knew got prego. Seriously. My best friend, my SIL, my other friends... it was everywhere and all up in my face! LOL. And I was truly happy for ALL of them-- but, every time my best friend would send pics or updates or gush about her little girl... I'd always feel this twinge of envy. I was absolutely happy for her- but yeah, it was a constant reminder of what I didn't have... which, was not at all HER fault (of course) and I NEVER said a word to her about it- I didn't feel it fair to punish her for my issue. That was her journey- not mine. Just like my journey was for me... no one else. And, at the end of the day, once I accepted that-- and came to terms with it... the jealousy passed. It was short lived- not really during her pregnancy, but more the first few months after her LO was born... not sure why THEN? But it just hit me much harder seeing pics and hearing about all the fun parts... it passed. And tbh, I wouldn't have it any other way. Things worked out. Obviously bit different than your situation- but it's Ok to feel that way. Long as you still support her. hugs

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