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Haven't been here in quite some time!

I have been having a lot of depression with my husband getting a vasectomy this past November and finding out that my husband's brother and his wife are expecting another baby after just having one in May 2015 and the baby is due just weeks after when I was due with my last angel baby. I was due April 4th, 2016 and she is due the 30th. It also did not help her saying that she didn't and doesn't want to be pregnant when I said to her I heard Congratulations are in order.

But on better news I may not be having a baby of my own, but I am getting my first grand baby! He or she is due August 30th. I am thrilled for my son, Trent, and his gf, Katherine. They find out the sex on Tuesday right in between their birthdays. Trent just turned 22 on the 12th Katherine turns 21 on the 23rd.

Also my twins turned 10 on the 6th. so lots of birthdays in April. lol

Any news with you?

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