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How to make peace about being a complete family?


I am have WTT journal in hopes we can have a third because my family don't feel complete to me yet because I always dreamed about having three children, it also don't help that I still deepinside wish for a boy although I would be happy with any gender.

Problem is, hubby is not ready and so is our finances...........

How did you handle such a problem and can you ever make peace to not extend your family ever again?

My heart is a bit broken at the moment.........

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Hi there,
I can completely understand this. I feel very much the same at the moment and I feel am bordering on becoming obsessed with the situation and I can't stop thinking about it. My df pretty much doesn't want any kids (my 2 are from a previous relationship) but says he "may" change his mind in future, but right now he doesn't want them. I am very lucky to have my 2 but I always wanted 3-4 kids and I just don't feel like our family is complete.

The more we discuss it I feel like I'm pushing him further away from the idea, but I can't help how it keeps upsetting me!

We get married in September and I had been hoping to start ttc after Christmas so a new baby may arrive once my dd starts school next year. But it makes me so sad to think it may never happen now.

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how old is your youngest? the reason i ask i because until relatively recently (my youngest is almost 2.5) i wondered if i was truly finished having kids. but now? i am SO SURE! to me there are so many advantages to being done! for awhile i did mourn the end of pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn... all of that. but now i am so happy to be past that stage. maybe it is worth making a list of all the positives? honestly now that my two kids are out of the baby stage (4 and 2) life feels so much easier, i'm having so much fun with them, i'm able to devote a bit of time to my hobbies, i'm putting time into my career, i'm not exhausted, finically things are good. emotionally... it's really nice to accept my family as complete and move foreword. those are my reasons, everyone is different but maybe some of these things resonate with you?

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