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Complete and happy about it. Come join me!

I have 2 beautiful children and I'm done!

I loved the baby stage, struggled through the toddler stage but now we're coming out the other side all I can see is the fun we hope to have and the freedom!

We're a very outdoorsy family, love to kayak, climb, cycle, hill walk, ski, camp. We're still a little restricted with these things due to dd's age (nearly 3) but every year it gets easier and more accessible.

I love seeing my son develop in to a confident, strong boy who also loves to be outside exploring and trying new things. I love watching his friendships develop and how well they play & communicate together.

DD also starts pre-school part time this summer and I'm soooo looking forward to going out for a run without the buggy, and having a hot cup of coffee in a cafe with no distractions!

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I feel the same. As lovely as it is to have babies the older they get the more fun we can have. We still got on with 'life' when they were little babies but from the moment mine could walk things became a lot more enjoyable.

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I am on board with this one. It feels good to sleep in a bit more and it feels good to be able to leave them now at daycare while having a date with the hubby. My girls are best friends and that is so adorable to me. I am ready for this next phase in life.

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I'm also done! And soooooo happy to be! Have a boy who is 3 and a 15 month old girl! I'm finding it hard at e moment as my daughter doesn't sleep but we are powering on through. Enthougt of another one fills me with anxiety! Luckily OH is on the same page and has even suggested he get a vasectomy!

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I am at his stage, although my last is still tiny I requested sterilisation during my last c section and the relief I feel now that my family is complete is amazing. The ttc period and pregnancy periods were long and am so glad that we can now move forward and enjoy life as a family of 5! I'm excited to see what life will hold for us now. Xx

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Me! I'm still preggo with our second (and last) but am at such peace with this being the final piece to our little family. This pregnancy has been so rough and I have no desire to go through it again! Our plan right now is for hubby to get a vasectomy after baby has weaned (DS nursed to 17 months and would love to make it that long again). Neither of us are fans of the baby stage and I am already looking forward to baby being weaned and STTN and moving to the next phase of life (not that I'm not going to soak up newborn cuddles, because I definitely will!)

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