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It's nice to read this post.

So we have two and my husband has actually had a vasectomy. He was very adamantly done and at the time he asked about doing it (this past May) so was I.

It wasn't until my son turned 1 that I started having doubts and feeling sad about not having another. I know logically that we are better off as a family of four, that I will be able to give my kids an amazing life, that I will have more time for them and I'm excited about all the things we'll get to do as a family as they start to get older.

But another part of me wonders if we should have waited until Ethan was 2 before making the decision, it's just so final now. My husband just got his SA back and it's 0 so we are done.

I know I'd freak out if I was pregnant now and feel like in the future I'll be glad we made this decision (plus when I think about our future family I only see the two of them) but I feel like for most women it's a tough thing to say that you're fully done having babies.

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