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I feel the same...and my oh does too I think. We have 4 children the youngest is 16 months. It is usually around now that we discuss having another lo except this time we have both said we would love another but no plans as we have no room for 5th and our finances wouldn’t stretch for another baby-well not so much the baby but the bigger expensive stuff they need as they get older, and after school clubs etc

I just keep trying to focus on the 4 we have and telling myself that a newborn would restrict doesn’t work..much lol I love being pregnant and the labour etc I love newborn snuggles and I love every age we’ve experienced so far. But I have to be sensible unfortunately

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To be honest, I don't have any broodiness. No desire for another baby. Not even a hint. I'm not sure if it will come later, or if it's really gone.

After #2 was born, I was super broody almost right away. I missed pregnancy. I wanted to do it again. After #3? I am confident we are done. I love my children and I'm ready to move on to other stages of our lives.

It has come with me turning 30 soon as well, I feel like this next decade should be a different one. A different phase. Babies in the 20s, raising our babies in our 30s.

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