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Big family

I'm back here again! Just good to get my thoughts out with like minded people I've always wanted a slightly bigger family, love the thought of family gatherings and occasions, fun and laughter in the house, always someone to talk to/turn to for everyone, family sticking together, going on fun trips etc my family is tiny and not close at all, (but my partners very big and they don't really see much of each other either, except for occasions) so I've never had that and feel strongly about family, just the rest of my family don't seem to think the same way I do. I guess it might not always turn out as thought in my head, with all the lovely family things there could be lots of stress/disagreing, people may not get on etc.
We're pretty set that we're sticking with 2, but I do think about the fun/ excitement of a bigger family occasionally, like I've just seen a Christmas table set out on a Facebook page and that made me think about it and hence now come on here to post this thought!
Suppose I just get a sinking feeling when I think I may not get that big family, but I guess it can be just as fun with 2 children and much more manageable as although I love the idea of a big family (1 more child that been) I'm not fancying the hard bits. Plus money wise too, much better with 2 we love our holidays. Maybe I'll get it one day when my children have children and hopefully have that big family feeling and be close but not weirdly close lol gathering round the Christmas tree and Christmas dinner together type of thing :-)

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Hello! I'd love a big family. My partner and I don't currently have any kids but I'm pregnant with (if all goes well) our first. We have decided on four and we want them all close in age! We've even discussed how if I can't stand pregnancy that many times (I've been very very sick) then we will adopt.

I think there are so many benefits to having siblings, and yes I sometimes fought with mine, but I always loved having someone there who "got it" and could relate to how I felt.

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