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Yea, I have extremely irregular cycles so for me there is nothing to know. I guess that makes it easier. If I was regular I'd be the same.

I don't think it's extreme to think of a permanent solution. Honestly I brought up a vasectomy with dh so that option is removed and we can continue on without the maybies.

I think when (if) my sister has her second I'll be jealous. We had our firsts together and it would be nice to have a second set together. But it's not looking like anytime soon for them and I just don't want a larger age gap.

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I've been unsure for years about having another although we have kept all my daughters things like her cot,buggy. After my awful long labour & feeling quite low after having my daughter I felt scared to go through it all again too!
My husband got made redundant 3 years ago & he's struggled to find a permanent job since then so wouldn't have been a good time for us financially also. As my daughters got older things do get easier too & worry about going through all the sleepless nights again but all of a sudden last summer I decided I did want another & I felt really happy once I decided,I think having not made the decision whether to have another or not was bothering me. I really worry about the age gap with my daughter tho as it will probably be close to 7 years. She has asked on & off for about two years for a brother or sister so I think she would be excited!
We've had to hang off trying until after April as we've booked a holiday with 13 hours traveling so don't fancy having morning sickness through that! Just hoping it doesn't take too long once we start trying in the summer.

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