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I know some people have their baby and they're like "right I'm done" and that's just the end of it. I love the pregnancy and baby stage too (and the children really even though they can be a pain in the bum). I think we are done because my husband doesn't want any more and I don't want any more at the moment, I am trying to move on it my career and can't really do that if I'm constantly going off on mat leave. I dont feel 'done' but I might never do so I just try not to focus on it as something that I need to achieve. I can be broody and allow those feelings to happen without feeling like I need to have a baby. It has got easier as my youngest is well out of the baby stage yet. I think for me I hope I will look back in a few years time and it will be so nice that I won't want any more. Does that make sense?!

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I'm asking myself the same question. My dh wants another baby asap. However, he works a lot of hours and is hardly home. In the beginning with my 2nd, I would've loved to get pregnant right away if possible, but I have had a change of heart. I love my kids, but I think 3 would be total chaos. My oldest is independent and I'm basically starting over with the 2nd. I may have a change of heart, but for now our family is complete and dh will have to get on the same page.

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