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Anyone else with tubes tied?

I feel like our family is MORE than complete, 3 children is hard work and can be overwhelming.

I've had my tubes tied, and felt fine about it for months. I just had my first PP period since having Emma though and now feel a bit... broken? Like I'm not 100% me, or a 'proper' woman now. I don't know why! It felt odd thinking that every period I have from now on is a waste of time, it feels like it's a pretend thing! I can't explain it. I don't want any more kids, but I don't like that I can't have any more either. Gawd this sounds dumb.

I fully wanted them tied and gritted my teeth through a worn-off spinal to get it done, they almost didn't tie them during my c-section because it got complicated but I firmly insisted. So don't knoe why I feel this way.

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I have scheduled and cancelled having my tubes tied twice in the past 2 years....
I can't seem to wrap my head around feeling "useless" without the ability to produce children. It's so silly! I would love another child, but I have to make a decision to be done based on many circumstances. I am very worried about feeling the way you do. I think it's probably common to feel that way. I hope it gets easier for you.

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After having a complete family with 2 children I've decided to tie tubes and it was a great decision

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