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Iím Done Having Kids So Stop Bugging Me To Have A Third

Itís rude to ask someone why she doesnít want more kids. A couple who says ďwe know our limitsĒ should be admired, not questioned.

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Great article! Just the other week some rude woman was asking when I'd have another because she had five!!! Like she was superior for having more kids than me! My kids are 7 & 10 now. So we're done with sleepless night, bottles, boobs, pushchairs etc. I love my kids the age they are now.

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I already had a 8 and 6 and DS2 and his ADHD put me off wanting another. We used to get the 'when are you having another' so often! It's like, have you DEALT with my ADHDer?! But DS3 was completely out of the blue so it was balls in and a case of 'f**k it let's go for round 4 and try for a girl'. But we were asked when we were having #4 so in all reality, you can't really win. But we are done people! Done, done, done! And if you choose to question that choice, then you can b****r off. I don't need to be questioned by complete strangers (or family).

This is why I love this forum. No one questions anyone and everyone is respectful of others.

Rant over. Lol.

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