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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Nearly completed family but my oh want one more?!

I got oldest daughter who is 5 - from previous relationship. I later met my oh and he brought my daughter up since she was 2, she adore him and they got lovely bond. We went on got our daughter and little boy who is due anytime. I told him I feel absolutely completed, 2 girls and a boy, for him to have one of each of his own as well. But he grew up with big family and always wanted 3/4kids of his own but I don't want to through another pregnancy, I definitely had a enough, I just can't wait for this one to come out, then our life can truly begins, holidays, trips etc. My oh know this is my final one but he seem very determined I'll be changing my mind and to see him have that little hope. I had to remind him think about money, life etc...I'll be going on depo injection for good until he get the snips... bless his heart, he is such great oh and amazing father! I just hope he will accept this and is lucky enough to have one of each of his own! 🙈🙂

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Maybe you might think about adoption? Personally I'd like more kids but I went through a hell of a lot in my last pregnancy and it would be a very bad idea to get pregnant again both medically and psychologically. I'm *thinking* about adopting in the future

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