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My experience with tubal ligation (so far)

I known it hasn't been very long since the procedure, so maybe things will change. But all I come across are negative stories, and so far mine has been positive. Our family is totally complete, and while I did have a few moments of "was this the right thing to do", I'm happy I had the tubal.

My history - my period started at age 12, and was never regular. I could have months go by and not have one. They were always light. We had unprotected sex for 8 years before we had Thomas -sometimes we were trying, sometimes not.

I had my tubal during my last c-section with Emma, so almost 14 months ago. I heard a lot of stories about super heavy periods, missing periods, long periods, irregular unpredictable cycles, hormonal problems/super bad PMS, random or excessive pain/cramping, shrunken ovaries from lack of blood supply etc.

I got my first PP period at 10 months, and it was fine. Then I got another one at 11 months, another at 12 months, and just got another at 13 months. This is the first time in my life that I've had a regular period and I'm all done making babies, kind of ironic!

It lasts 4-5 days and is medium flow, no issues, no pain out of the ordinary, all is well. I've had an ultrasound to check on my uterus 1 year PP (as I had lots of adhesions and had a tear in my uterus at Emma's birth and a slightly prolapsed uterus) and my ovaries were a lovely normal size.

Just thought a positive story out there on the internet wouldn't hurt!

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That's fab it's gone well for you.

I got the go ahead and agreed to all the more serious things that could go wrong with the procedure then I read about the hormonal and body changes it can cause. I take badly to any hormonal changes so from that it wasn't a risk worth it.

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