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Anxious about having 4 children


We discovered last week that I'm pregnant with our 4th (fingers crossed it's a singleton). It was a complete shock. Our youngest is only just 9 months and whilst in labour I said to hubby he had to make an appointment to have the snip the next day as I just couldn't put my body through another pregnancy and labour. Although I've been sad at the thought of not having another baby I knew deep down that stopping at 3 was definitely the right thing to do.

Well hubby was scared and has been putting it off and although we thought we have been careful we are now in this predicament

I feel so blessed and grateful to have another baby but having a big family was never on either of our agendas! I feel so anxious. How will I cope with 4? Especially as the age gap between the youngest 2 is likely to be only 16 months!

Also how the hell do I get through this pregnancy? I think I'm about 10 weeks already and the nausea & exhaustion has completely floored me today. Luckily it's a Sunday and so hubby has literally done everything - chores, looking after the kids etc. But he's back at work tomorrow and away with work for 2 nights later in the week. Oh and we have a 10 week old labrador puppy too!

Can someone please reassure me it really isn't that bad. I know it will be hard work but am I making a bigger deal out of this then I need to?

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You will be absolutlley fine, I have 4 kids and I wouldnít change it for the world. We needed a bigger car wnd we plan everything ahead but once you have 3 I think itís easier than going from 1to 2. My kids are 10, 5 and almost 2 year olds (twins) we have a lot of fun.

Take everyday as it comes, routine is key.

Congratulations on your pregnancy x

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Try not to stress. As a mum in a very similar situation (we agreed one more if our last baby was a third boy). I came off BC when DS3 was 6 months figuring it would take me 6 months to fall pregnant as it did with DS2. So while this baby was very much planned, I very nealy passed out with shock when I learned I was pregnant. I never had a first period. Given, the frequent trips to the loo should have tipped me off it was a sudden shot of dental pain at work that told me I better do a test. There will be 15 months between DS3 and our last baby. I'm ddue in 15 weeks and reality (other than having to sell our 1990 300E Mercedes Benz) has not quite hit us yet. I don't think it will until we come home.

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You will be fine I have 4 kids and I love it donít get me wrong you need to plan ahead a lot and have a routine in place all the time but apart from that itís not that much different from having three if Iím honest all the best to you x

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it will all be fine hun and congratulations x

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Hi WDWjess, thought Iíd just say hello hon, I know u from jan 17 thread. Hope u r doing ok. My youngest is my forth might have mentioned to u b4. You do manage hon, just getting Into your own flow and organised x you will be fine xx

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