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Bad baby fever 😞

I got my tubes tied after my 4th child who will be turning 4 in a week and a half. For the past month I have had baby fever so bad to the point I find myself so sad and upset! Never matter what I do I can’t shake this feeling all though I wasn’t sure about having more kids I didn’t want my tubes tide that was more my husbands choice! It made it so permanent and I haven been same since! Anyone else going through something similar? And if so how did/do you cope? I’m ready to feel normal again! ��

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I feel the same at the minute, my youngest is 2 1/2 and I suddenly feel like everybody I know is either having a baby or just announced they are pregnant. I’m hoping that’s the only reason I feel this way. I’ve also been preoccupying myself with Christmas shopping but now I’m almost done and I feel like I have nothing to distract me. I have the implant in but thought I was ovulating at the weekend and now I’m convincing myself that the implant could have failed even though that’s never ever happened

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