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Can someone please explain the sims to me?

As the title says really

Do u need a pc to play?
Can you buy the full game for the iPad?
Why are there so many to choose from?
Which ones the best?

I'm on an iPad now and all I can see are like 69p apps, I can't imagine them to be the full proper game?

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Yes you do need a pc, or a decent enough laptop, I can run sims3 and two expansion packs on my laptop with no problems. Always check the game specification with your pc/laptop first though. You can play it on a mac too I believe.
You can't get the full game for the iPad but they do an iPad/iPhone version, it's completely different to the original pc game though.
To play on pc/laptop, you need the base game, which is just titled 'the sims 2/3', you can then buy expansion packs which 'expands' the game, gives you new content like objects, clothes, buildings, places, towns etc.

Hope I helped

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Like the above stated, but yes sims is great use to play it myself, the teens love it, there are so many because its popular, u dont need the expansions, you could just get the sims castaway, or sims apartmenst, or sims 3 etc, get a preowned oneof ebay and if you like it take it from there, its just basicaly building a family, making a career, getting a job, spending money wisely etc

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personally i think it is best on the pc it runs so much faster than any other device. The game itself is getting cheeper nowand you don'tneed any of the add ons

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