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I just skim-read the comments above, so sorry if any of this has been written.

The reason that Microsoft has backtracked and changed their policies on DRM is partly to do with their consumer-base (since obviously so many people made a fuss) and partly because Sony aren't using DRM, therefore people flocked there when Microsoft announced it.

The "Always-On" DRM policy did not mean that your console had to be connected to the internet for 24 hours a day, it just meant that once every 24 hours, it would connect for like a second to verify your account and your games (eg: to check you hadn't traded them in, but were still playing the game from your HDD).

Now that they have backtracked, you will only have to connect once at the point you get the console (no doubt for a Day-One patch to reverse the DRM). And then you never have to connect again (unless you want to, of course).

I was getting the Xbox One regardless, as the DRM thing didn't affect me. Sure my internet cuts out every now and then (and I have a pretty good internet package!), but with it only connecting once per day, that's fine.

My only gripe with it was that you couldn't have more than one account play the game, but of course, that was just early-E3 panic, which they then confirmed it would be able to be used by anyone on the same console, as well as 10 XBL Gold members whom you assign it to.

Obviously, with everything being changed, it's back to being basically the way the 360 is now in terms of disc usage, which is fine by me. I'll still be getting an Xbox One on release.

And to amytrisha - yes you keep the same account It just transfers over xx

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