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Mum (Mom)
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Spyro the dragon.

Anyone used to play these games on the old school psone? I did and they were fantastic. I recently completed the second game, spyro the dragon; gateway to glimmer after not playing it for a good few years! I know I know, too much spare time but since I know the game so well it didn't take me too long, lol. I have the third one somewhere (the year of the dragon) but I can't find it anywhere which I am gutted about, but I'm sure it will turn up. I used to have the first one as well but about 10years ago me and my step sister decided to do a temporary trade, she gave me spyro 2 and I gave her spyro1. We had every intention of trading back but unfortunately we never got around to trading back, I'm not even sure if she has it anymore (she lives with my dad so I don't see her much anymore). I really miss that game, may have to see if I can get a copy on eBay.

Anyway any other spyro fans out there? After the first 3 I think insomniac sold the game to another company, so they completely changed it. It hasn't been the same since *sigh* they don't make 3D platformers like that anymore. Anyway I'm rambling, would be amazing if there were any spyro fans out there as this is a seriously underrated game!

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Mum (Mom)
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There's a new spyro coming out soon, although it is a different take on the Spyro games

ITs called Skylanders: Spyros adventure I've preordered it xx

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I hate the new ones! For me the original 3 were good because they had the kiddie factor about them but were still really good for adults and they stuck to the simple stuff. The newer ones are trying to be too grown up for my liking and I hate the new sparks.

My fave would be year of the dragon!

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I love old school Spyro! my favourite is year of the dragon too, with the first one coming a close second.

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