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City building games

Anyone into these types of games? Lately I've really enjoyed playing city sim games. I used to really like Sim City 4 but it wont play on Windows 7 apparently which sucks because hubby bought it for me for Christmas. So I went out and bought CityXL 2012. So far I really like it! I've also been playing Cityville on FB. Anyone else find any good city building games?

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I love city building games

Sim City 4 is my favourite but is starting to get a bit outdated sadly. Cities XL 2012 is good too but can't really replace Sim City. If you like micro managing, maybe you will like something called Anno 1404 (dawn of discovery) or the new game Anno 2070. Anno 1404 is a bit better and cuter too It's more about trading and keeping people happy than building a city. But it goes under the same category. You can play completely without wars and time if you want too!

Here's more about it:

You can get Sim city 4 to play on W7. Try right clicking on the icon and choose "compatability" and then choose Windows XP. Remember to press apple before ok. That works for me x

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Oooh I love the Tropico games

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caesar iii released in 1998 (on windows) is really really good. caesars 4 is also good but it's kind of hit and miss if it will run on your system and crashes alot.

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