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Need help!! Cow cake!

Hi ladies! Im making a cow cake for my friends son's 2nd bday,

I'm going to make a 10inch round sponge for the body and a smaller bowl shaped sponge for the head which I am going to set on top of the body iykwim? Basically I just wondering if I need to treat it as a tiered cake and use rowel rods etc or do I just set it on? Or is there another method I can use for a cake like this?
I'm on the iPad so can't upload a pic but heres a link to the kind of thing I'm talking about :
(the first pic in google images)
Also do I put the whole thing together and then ice it or ice it individually and then put it together - I'm planning on covering it with regal icing rather than buttercream

Thank you

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Mum (Mom)
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If it is a heavy cake then yes, you'll probably need dowels. I'd say just be prepared for using them, if you use dowels you'll have to get a small cake board too.

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I agree with pp. You dont want half the cows head to fall off. I would use support to be safe

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