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Help me go dairy free

On Monday I got the news that my son's test results showed a severe dairy allergy.

He has now been switched to a dairy-free formula, but I also pump and give him BM whenever possible.

I'm struggling with being overwhelmed realizing all the items that have dairy in them. So I'm trying to start small and work my way up.

So far I can actively cut milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream.. etc. stuff that is no brainer dairy (though my chocolate craving is HUGE right now and it's sad I can't have any).

So help me with recipes and ideas for snacks. I keep grabbing for things like crackers and granola bars to snack on, only to read the ingredients and find casein or milk or a milk derivative.

I also like to meal plan so ideas for dairy free dinners that don't break the bank. We're on WIC, both unemployed, and struggling financially.

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Check out Danielle Walker's Against All Grain. Most of her recipes are dairy free and delicious. I think she does a marvelous job remaking dishes and creating her own.

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