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a little hope 4 stone in 8 months

Hi girls,
I just thought I'd share my story so that you can see how possible it is to lose the weight!
I've always been a yoyo when it comes to weight, the clothes in my wardrobe ranges from size 8 to size 16 (UK). Anyway I would have regularly started a 'diet' and 6 weeks later, over a stone lost would go back to my old ways and gain it all back again.
In December 2012 I was at my heaviest at 12stone 4 (5'1) so during 2013 I tried and failed once again until I had to have a lumbar puncture in July. The doctors tried a thin needle bit it failed because my back was 'too thick' so they used a large one, I had a spinal fluid leak and couldn't stand up for a week with headache! At the same time my 9 year old nephew made a joke about how I was really fat, enough was enough!
I was 11st 13 in August and determined to be slim again. Now 8 months later I have lost 4 stones and am starting to maintain.
How I did it:
Calorie counting: I stuck to around 1200 calories per day as I'm short. I don't like feeling deprived so if I wanted something I ate it and if I went over I would make it up the next day.
Carb limiting: I started out cutting carbs completely, however, I love some potatoes so I would limit carbs to small portions.
protein, protein, protein: I made sure to eat a lot of protein such as eggs, fish, turkey and chicken. Also dairy such as low fat cheese and natural yoghurt.
Fruit and veg: it's all about the green leafies, sprouts, cabbage and broccoli ( my iron levels went up to 14.8) and I would have Fruit salad every day!
Wine: I love my wine and a few nights a week I will have a large glass only, not a bottle!
Exercise: I put on the music channels and dance like nobody's watching everyday! The more I move about the less I want to sit down! I am in more control of the housework because I now have the energy to be doing something and as untidiess makes me anxious, I am actually more relaxed!
I am always playing active games with my son and feel that we now have a stronger bond, he has autism and as I feel stronger and more able to deal with his demands and Tantra. He is definitely getting more quality interaction with me, which is wonderful.

Benefits: I am taking more pride in myself and experimenting with hair and make up, before I always felt like 'what's the point?' I look like crap anyway

I am finally wearing nice clothes! I bought my first skinny jeans a few weeks ago and I feel good in them!

I can wear heels! I lived in trainers as heels were to uncomfortable, now I am lighter they are much easier to wear!

My skin is softer and everyone says my eyes are brighter!

My husband is all over me and really proud of me, also the love life has improved because I am more confident and Tbh things are better and more comfortable during intimate times.

My lower back is not as painful

I am much fitter and don't get out of breath doing simple tasks

Other parents at pre school have come up to say I look great and ask for tips

My dad is following my lead and getting healthier, he has also been telling people how proud he is of me!

I can fit into my mum's clothes!

So anyway this wasn't meant to be a boast thread but I know when I started I read a lot of other people's stories for inspiration, saying well if they can do it so can I! So hopefully if you're struggling with the thought of losing a lot of weight you can see that it's not as hard as you think and the rewards can be amazing!

Last advice: don't get too caught up in the numbers on the scale, they can fluctuate madly! Hormonal times, if you ate to much salt, dehydration, glycogen levels and bowel habits can cause discrepancies, look for an overall downward trend rather than a drop every time you weigh, this won't happen and it is easy to get disheartened with the numbers and give up, don't let that happen!

Also it takes 3500 calories over what your body needs to gain a pound so if you have a 'bad' meal or day just start over as soon as possible and you will be back on track!

Good luck x

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WOW! Thanks for the inspiration!!! I totally needed this!

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wow! well done that's a fantastic loss

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Wow thats an amazing loss, wellx done! I love reading success stories like this, makes me feel motivated

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That's fantastic! Well done you

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Great inspiration especially the lower back pain improvement!

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