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Getting a gastric sleeve put in, anyone had this?

I need to lose a lot of weight. I have been big my whole life. I have tried every diet known to man and exercise program. The problem is I am so big its hard to exercise, plus I have sleep apnea. My husband and I have decided its time for surgery options. We are doing the gastric sleeve in October. I have already did all of the pre surgery requirements and know we are just waiting on my insurance. They will approve me on my sleep apnea alone. I am nervous because the doctor said I will be a completely different person by this time next year and in 3 months I will lose at least 90 pounds if not more. Has anyone on here had this or known anyone that has had this done? Can you share their or your story? Was it okay. I just know that if I do not do this I will not live to see my 13 month old grow up.

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I haven't had it done nor do I know anyone who has but I wish you luck. I hope you will post some before pictures and as you go pictures. I love seeing changes in people when they lose weight/work out.

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I know someone who had this. It's a much safer surgery than the gastric bypass and the gastric band. She lost a heap of weight and looks amazing. She recommends it to anyone that hasn't been successful in weight loss. She had to get excess skin removed because her weight loss was so rapid but it wasn't as bad because once she was able to excercise she started working out.

I wish you the best and try not to stress, focus on the end result. Please let us know how it goes.

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My DH was due to have this in January 2012. He even got down to the fortnight before the op and was in the middle of his 2 weeks pre-op diet when he went in for his "1 week to go" consultation...

and he changed his mind and decided not to have it done.

In total, on his own, he's lost 10 stone so far. Dropped from just over 33 stone to just over 23 stone.

Obviously he still has a long way to go but he says he doesn't regret deciding at the 11th hour not to take the op. It's much safer to lose the weight yourself if you can.

This was him this biggest in 2010:

and this is him now :

If you ask him, he'd encourage anyone to try and do it themselves rather than go for the op. The side effects can be scary, I've read about people whose lives were ruined by bariatric surgery.

I totally understand what you mean about it being frightening to think your weight is a life threatening thing, but it's honestly not impossible to lose. It's hard, yes, very hard. I lost nearly 5 stone myself so I fully understand that weight loss is hard, but not impossible.

And yep, again, totally get what you mean about your size making it hard for your to exercise. DH at his biggest couldn't walk more than maybe 5 steps.

If you do decide to go down the surgery route, make sure you read up on it a lot, and be totally sure x

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