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Healthy Eating Cookbooks??

Hi all. I am trying to cook for and feed my family healthier i.e. weight loss and maintaining healthy weight, prevent disease (diabetes and heart disease run in the family), train my son and soon daughter how to eat healthy and ENJOY eating healthy foods lol, feed myself right for the remainder of my pregnancy for my daughter and to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight then lose the baby weight properly without damaging my milk supply by eating right ect....................I come from a southern family with NO FREAKIN CLUE how to eat right therefore I was never taught so I am asking for some healthy cookbook recommendations. I have to have things pretty to the point and straight forward lol. Any ideas???

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Have you tried looking at Pinterest? There are HEAPS of recipes on there that are healthy & a variety of different recipes for different diets. You could cookbooks on there too I'm sure

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The Skinnytaste Cookbook: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor

I tend to come up with my own recipes though, but I use a website with a food database so I have an idea of how many calories are in such and such.

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I was gonna suggest Pinterest too- LOVE getting recipes off there. But, I also go to this site a lot (for clean eating):

There is a recipe index and I can find almost anything I search for. Plus, with clean eating, there are recipes for so much- it's just all natural and healthier foods. There are desserts too- but with clean sugar, not processed. Personally I need to make the chocolate bar again... YUM! Good kids snacks ideas too!

I'm a great baker- but not a cook... I always need a recipe!

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