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30 day shred, calorie counting, motivation and buddies.

So I'm planning on starting the 30 day shred tomorrow. I started it the summer before last but then fell down the stairs so had to stop.

Has anyone seen good results from it? I'd like to see.some result by DS birthday at the start of march. I want to loose the mummy belly and be in good shape. I am currently breastfeeding DD. So I know I can't go too crazy.
I understand that I need to eat better to help loose the weight but how do you count calories. Do I need to weigh everything? I'm so bad at this stuff its unreal.

How do you stay motivated? Both to exercise and eat good? DS and OH are fussy eaters so we tend to stick to our same meals. I don't really want to cook a whole desperate meal for me so I was thinking of reducing the portion and adding more salad and veg. would that even work?

Finally would anyone like to join me? With the workout and healthy eating. I'm so lazy its unreal could do with a kick up the ass.

Apologies for the post being a bit all over the place, DD is currently napping on my arm.

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30DS has always helped me tone, but never has done much for weight loss. You can google "30 Day Shred results" and see a bunch of pictures from women that have completed it.

Weighing your food is up to you. I have a food scale and used it for a week, but it's too much of a hassle for me. I use MyFitnessPal to calorie count, and overestimate what I eat, and try to eat 100 or so less than goal. That seems to have worked for me in determining how much I've eaten. If you want an accurate idea though, then a scale is probably a good investment (and you can get a basic one cheap).

I'm vain, so I look at old pictures of myself when I was 115 in college. I also think back at how unhealthy I was at my highest weight, and the problems I had at the end of my pregnancy. Honestly though, after doing it for awhile it just becomes second nature. I still struggle with exercising consistently, but I have the eating part down pretty much. You just have to remember why you're trying to get in shape. Break it down into mini goals, so it seems easier to obtain. Maybe look into rewards like getting your nails done or buying a new outfit. Joining a group of other people losing weight is one of the best motivators too.

I cook regular meals for my family, and just eat less of it, so portion control can work. As long as you eat less than you burn you should loose weight. If you struggle with exercise, try to find something you actually enjoy doing so it doesn't seem like a chore. Or try to incorporate more movement with everyday life, like jumping rope while you're waiting for things on the stove to cook, or walking an extra lap around the grocery store/mall.

I've lost my mommy tummy by just calorie counting and doing some exercise. It's taken awhile because I like to take breaks and maintain for a few months to give my body a chance to adjust. Here's my stomach at 145 lbs last January vs 128 lb this January:

Just stick to it and you'll see a difference! Good luck!

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