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Losing My Baby Belly Without Damaging My Daughter

When I decided to lose my baby belly, I hadnít foreseen how my emotions might be interpreted by my daughter. I didn't want to make her think I was dieting.

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I think it's important we show our kids how to eat healthy and excercise... not focus on the "size or number" around it, but the fitness of it. I don't "diet" and it's even hard for me to use that word as it's got such a bad wrap after years of abuse. But our diet IS a valid part of our lives. Even though I'm not trying to actively lose anymore weight- I'm still staying fit. Workout regularly. Eat healthier (most of the time).

For me- this is all part of my routine now. So something my daughter will grow up watching. Which, in turn (I hope) will help her form healthy habits earlier on. I know what can happen when you don't take care of yourself (I was there throughout my 20's)- so these are all habits I learned much later in life, but well before I had my little one.

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