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co sleeping, breastfeeding and getting up early to work out

So I'm currently bedsharing and breastfeeding my 6-week old. I also have a 3 yr old who gets up at 8am for school. The only way I'm going up be able to go back to working out is to get up earlier (6:30) to get an hour in before I have to start getting everyone ready for the day. I really need this time to stay sane, its the only me time I get all day but worried about 6-week old waking up for boob while I'm out for a run! I feel a bit selfish leaving him in case he needs me! OH also in bed so not totally in own but he can't give him boob!

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Pump some milk the night before and if baby wakes up hubby is there to feed him. Now you can enjoy your run without worrying.

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