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Toning That Postpartum Tummy

Good morning!! i am looking for useful exercises to tone up my weird, empty baby belly. I gained 20lbs while pregnant, but now, 9 days PP, I have managed to lose every ounce (don't ask me how, but I'm excited). Now I have this weird, flabby belly, and two weddings I am standing in this coming Spring and Summer. My goal is to tone up and lose another 20-30 lbs, but I feel the toning is going to be the hardest part. Any ideas of some low impact exercises I can start with, until my 6 week appt when (hopefully) I am cleared for normal activity?

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Start with losing the weight first - abs are made in the kitchen. I was able to get a mostly flat stomach by getting back down to a decent BMI (19-20 range) and doing a combination of cardio and strength training exercises. I think Jillian Michaels' DVD workouts helped the most with the toning, especially the 30 Day Shred. Planks are amazingly simple exercise that is great for toning as well, and just requires a flat surface.

Good luck, and congrats on your new little one!

(This is what a 20 lb difference made on my postpartum tummy)

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For now- till you are cleared- your diet is most important. When you are able to get back to the gym, there is when you can work on building more muscle- so that shows once you do lose the extra weight I did a LOT of walking after LO was born- took a while (post C-section) to get back to full swing of the gym (as I'd been on restrictions while prego so I was limited to low impact weights/cardio).

Since then- I've added in Power classes 2x's a week (weights) and 2 classes high impact cardio... then I've transitioned to heavier weights 4x's weekly- and less cardio (although I get a good cardio burn when I lift heavy). It's all a slow process- just listening to your body, doing what feels good and makes you happy. But building muscle helps burn fat. It also makes for a stronger/firmer body

I follow this site: ... but it's more for when you are pushing yourself at the gym 4-5dys weekly. So when you DO start working out more- don't forget to eat more. The right kind of foods. More protein/carbs/good fats-- as your body need to burn carbs to get a good workout in (so it doesn't deplete the muscles your building)- IF that's your long term goal.

Sorry if it's all too much info! lol. I've been working on my body for years- and every stage/step bring new and exciting things

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