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Health Issues

I have Graves Disease which has caused my heart rate to be too fast. I started meds and it's helping. The doc said no more than a brisk walk for exercise. I'm going to call her tomorrow and see if I can do more now that my heart rate isn't as high. I lost 50 lbs after having my kids and breastfeeding. I've gained back half of that and am headed right back where I was. I need to make a change but I don't know what to do or how to start. I've tried to lose weight a million times and it never lasts long. We have been trying to do paleo but I have such a hard time breaking my old habits (soda, sweets, etc). It's even more difficult having restrictions on what I can do for exercise. We joined the gym but I haven't even been. I'm just tired of being myself in this area. Any words of wisdom/motivation?

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What I can say, just keep up your spirit.
God bless you.

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First of all ....your twins are beautiful.

Secondly. ...I don't have an illness but I lost lots of weight and then through a mc, a mmc and then a successful pregnancy I'm right back where I started with a few extra kilos to boot.
Now is the time to get the eating under control before all the weight is back. Perhsps pretend you are losing it all again and you are already half way to your goal.

Come and join the accountability thread for support.

Also if you are eating a real food diet brisk walking is fine so don't stress too much and if you're doctor gives you the go ahead you can build it up from there.

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