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New mom at 19.

This is my first post to this forum. I am a mother of a 19 year old college student, very smart academically but not quite for life. My grandson is precious and is two-month old. Before pregnancy my daughter was diagnosed with mild depression but would not take medication. Before entering college, we went to the ob/gyn for the first time and she refused to take the pill for pro-life reasons. Before getting pregnant, she was overweight and not excercising. I suspect my daughter is even more depressed after giving birth, has been eating a lot and not happy. She will not be attending college this semester to care for the baby. She is living with mom and I with her married husband and father of baby. He cant provide for family. No worries I'm on meds and therapy! I apologize for this long long message, but I had to give some background information before presenting my concern. What to do about baby blues if before pregnancy you had untreated depression? Nervousness is part of baby blues? differences between baby blues and depression? How to treat depression when you breastfeed? She had an IUD implanted on Friday, will that cause even more weight gain? Please feel free to answer one two or all questions. All opinions appreciated.

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There is a great article out there about Postpartum Depression and the Baby Blues. It talks about a lot of the things you are asking about. I would encourage you to google it.

Your daughter has many options to choose from. I would suggest that she see a counselor and find out what those options are. I have had major depression and anxiety for many years and I chose to take the medicine. When I had my son, I went down to a safe dose but decided not to breastfeed.

Try approaching your daughter and sharing the information above with her. She and her husband can work together to figure out the best next steps.

Let us know how it goes!

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