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Normal bmi but don't look or feel it

Bmi 23 but I still feel overweight
I am 5 ft 6 and about 10 stone I ideally would like to be 7 stone before I had my lb I don't eat much atm
All the celebrity's seem to drop weight so easily but I just feel like a fat pig

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Maybe u just need to tone up. Im similar weight and height and dont feel slim but when i do resistence it tones me and i loose inches

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Celebrity's have personal trainers, people to watch their kids so they can work out, can afford personal chefs who can feed them all healthy foods.. Most importantly for this they all have money to do this. I was reading about one celebrity who had to work out 2-3 hours a day after having her baby to have that figure that I saw in a magazine making me feel horrible thinking she had her baby and was instantly back to her normal self. Try not to compare yourself to them. They are in the spotlight and I would much prefer to spend time with newborn cuddles than to be in the gym right after having a baby.

And like the other poster said, it could be you do just need to tone up a bit. You could try something like strength training and you might feel better I know how you feel. I'm a normal bmi but still 20 lbs over where I was before I got pregnant with our last baby so I don't feel good about myself. I've been working hard at it and seeing zero results. I can only hope after I wean baby girl and can diet something will happen.

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