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Originally Posted by AtomicPink View Post
Originally Posted by Wobbles View Post
Originally Posted by AtomicPink View Post
You pole
Ah but a lot of girls do something alongside to help them train! I have no bloody time because I'm always there teaching if not training ARGH!

I have bought one of those door frame bars though and I've been walking 35 mins to the studio.
You could improve your core at home in the bedroom if you are looking to do that. Or spare 15 minutes and use the studio floor before you leave so you don't get home and make excuses. Motivating yourself at home is the hardest for most.

I have all the **** here, a rack, barbells, wall balls, dumbbells, KBs and still buy yet I go at 6am lol

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Right now we've been doing tricep dips , push ups, chair things and handstands in the office

No matter what equipment i buy i never use it - I have two poles in my livingroom ffs :/

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Originally Posted by Wobbles View Post

Body pump I've heard good things about. It's hard finding a routine to fit it in. I am fortunate that I can get up at 5, get there, be home by 7am and the rest of my day starts or I just couldn't squeeze it in.
You are so right. I would have loved 5 am work out sessions but no such luck at my gym! A new closer one is rumored to open which would make it even better!

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I go swimming and the local gym at least once a week
I do a body training yoga class 4 times a week
and walking
I would do more but no time

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Exercise classes

I take zumba once a week and walk as much as I can at lunch (2-4x a week ~2 miles). With my first pregnancy I zumba-ed 2x a week and even on the night I had my DD. I really believe that my labor progressed faster because of my working out. I want to say that I am overweight, have been most of my life, but really focus on being healthy and active. So for the moms-to-be out there who say I cant exercise, you can! Just find something you enjoy!

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