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Telling your child off for acting EXACTLY like you...

Well this one is more my Oh not me but he's exactly like his father.

OH loves crisps, always eats them and he is never full from them, I have to buy smart price just so I can afford to buy the amount that's needed. On one shop he brought himself a big bag of onion rings to snack on which he did while LO was taking a nap then left them in the kitchen... LO wakes up. When downstairs he disappears off into the kitchen and comes back into the livingroom with the remaining bag of crisps eating away proceeding to tip the bag over his table to eat the rest. OH imemdiately reacted "no Ethan you are not eating a full packet of crisps"... that exact thing he does on a daily basis..

Ever told your child off for doing something you do or have done when you were young?

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