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"Pass me a wipe..."

Last weekend a total idiot drink driver crashed into our garden wall and it collapsed across the lawn.

I was a bit shaken up as the whole wall showered down right on the spot where Joni likes to play and I often put Doug in his swing, it also smashed the guinea pig run but luckily I hadn't put them out yet. To really clarify his moral values the stupid driver never even glanced back- tried to drive away and then fled through the neighbour's garden when the car was a write off.

Aaaanyway, as a bit of light relief, a police officer came to take my statement ("I was the only person in the street who did not hear the significant noise of a car crashing into my garden wall, probably because I was busy screaming at my daughter for throwing her rice krispies across the kitchen") and whilst he was there, Joni went for a wee.

A minute later she came back in the room naked from the waist down and the police officer was a bit surprised to hear her say, "Pass me a wipe, I've got a drippy bottom!"

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