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I think he has been eating the blue smarties again....

Today DS has been a crazy dude!

Woke up last night in the middle of the night and just started singing the ABC's whilst still asleep and woke me up.
Wanted black sandwiches for dinner (we have no idea either).
Wanted his boiled egg 'friend' again (no chance, he squeezes the last one when watching TV and got upset he 'killed' it).
Trying to make our new cat play fetch... even showing him how to carry the ball in his mouth, he continued with hours bouncing about like a lunatic being a cat. Then finally at the end of the night he crashed out on the sofa as I got DD ready for bed. I carried him up to put him in bed as he clutched his blanket in 2 hands before he started licking it... then he grabbed my hand and held it like a cone and was licking my hand also. He got a tad obsessed about ice cream last week on holiday and is clearly not over it!

DD was never this crazy!!

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