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When did you stop formula all together?

At what age did you stop formula (or do you plan to stop) with your LO?

I know the formula companies say to at least 1 year, but my OH's mum was telling me all of her kids were on just homo milk by the time they were 1 year old.. and my mum told me as soon as she started feeding us foods we wouldn't take the formula anymore really? Just a bottle in the morning a couple hours before breakfast for a short time period then none of it, just milk again??

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I personally don't agree with giving a baby any cow' milk before 1yr...unless it's cooked in a meal or something like yogurt or cheese. But like we don't do cow's milk in cereal here until after 12mo. So my oldest had formula until 12mo then we switched him, then my middle son was on formula from 11-13mo ( he had a few bottles from 7mo, but mostly breastfed), then he went to cows milk. My youngest never had formula at all though.

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my LO had breast milk untill he was 7 1/2 months old then powdered untill he was nearly 2 but recently he has been waking at night so he now has the night time powdered milk before he goes bed and cows milk/juice the rest of the time x

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Hannah's formula intake is low, but she's always been on the low end. We still give her it though throughout the day (she has her biggest bottle in the morning). We'll introduce whole milk at 1 year

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I definitely will be stopping formula at 1 year. Looking forward to it as milk is easier to buy in shops than formula where we are located. LOL

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I have heard 9 months and 1 year. I am gonna go with whatever the pdiatrician tell me on his 9 month appointment!

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I'm planning on doing formula until Brooklynn is 12 months and then I have a few cans of the next 12m+ formula and will use that up, it was given to us and will start to integrate milk. I have a slight (not too bad symptoms) lactose intolerance and oh had some dairy allergies when he was a kid

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I tried to stop formula when Joel was 12 months, took him a lil while to get used to the change though

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I think it probably depends on your baby, and your doctor.
My doctor told me as soon as Grady is at 8oz and is continuing to be hungry an hour after, start cereal.. She said she doesn't care WHEN he does that, but when he does, start cereal.
Some may disagree.

Whatever you and your doctor decide on is best.. IMO atleast!

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I will be starting Helena on whole milk at 9 months. Slowly integrating it and phasing out formula, so by the time she is 1 she is off the formula. I do not have an appointment with the doc until she is 1, so that's what I have decided to do.

Now that she eats 3 meals a day, she really doesn't drink too much formula anyways. They kinda phase themselves out of it.

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