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supplementing/swapping to formula

My 10day old currently gets one ff in the night to give my nipples a rest (bad latch). But she takes only 1.5oz and then still needs boob to pacify. Is 1.5oz enough and how can I get her to settle without boob? Although we are getting her tongue tie fixed I need to move to ff for my emotional wellbeing as I find it agony & so stressful.

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A few suggestions, don't know if you've tried:

1. What nipple shape are you using? There are some bottle nipples made to be shaped like a breast. Maybe your baby would find that more comforting? Also, I've heard of moms rubbing bottle nipples over their chest to get the smell there so baby finds it more comforting.

2. Have you tried pacifiers? I know some people don't like to use them, but it may be an option especially if you don't want to exclusively breast feed.

3. Try other ways to pacify the baby. Singing, rocking, walking, etc. Give the breast only if nothing else will work. Give snuggles and closeness, make sure your baby is getting skin-to-skin in other ways, let your baby know that she doesn't need breastfeeding to get love and affection.

My baby was taking one or two ounces at a time at that age. 1.5 oz, especially if it's the only FF of the day, should be fine. Pay attention to the other signs of your baby's health (enough wet/dirty diapers, growth, other signs of ill health, etc), but that should be fine.

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