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Changing milk

Hi all, LO is currently on cow and gate anti reflux milk he's been on it for around 3 weeks I think.
He is so much better but the one side effect is causing big problems, constipation he is crying in pain and no amount of massaging his belly, cycling his legs work. The one day he was straining so much when he eventually passed two little pellets they had blood on them where he was straining so much I do offer him water when he is blocked up, which does the job but i've read on here they shouldnt have too much? I dunno lol.

My HV when found out I changed his milk [gps advice] said she would have recommended comfort milk. Is anyones LO on C&G comfort, just wondering if its thicker than normal formula.

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My lo is on c&g comfort. It is thicker then regular formula but not enough, Flynn still needs infant gaviscon for his reflux.

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