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Just to update, we did eventually see a dr who took the time out to listen to us and prescribed nutramigen and hey presto, she's a new baby!

We don't know what it is about the milk that's helping, if it's the lack of lactose or cows milk allergy, all we know is that milk works. We've had no screaming episodes since we started it and we've also noticed that she's drinking more per bottle. We have an appointment with a dietician next month to see where we go from here so I'm hoping they may be able to shed some light on what the problem actually is!

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Its nutramigen that my wee one is on too. After one rubbish doctor who just prescribed the milk I went back and we are being referred to a dietician and an allergy specialist. Glad you got a solution!

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Originally Posted by loeylo View Post
Id maybe speak to the GP. It sounds quite like my LO and she is now on prescribed milk ( and she has been a different baby since swapping. She is suspected to be cows milk intolerant, nothing is confirmed officially but we are treating her as such and she is so much better!

We just swapped her straight over.
This is how my sister also did it and everything worked out totally fine.
Other friends tried to go back to exclusively breast feed but this wasn't working anymore as the milk production was already reduced. So prescribed milk and a fast swap seems very reasonable to me.

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