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Formula feeding and expressing - help please!

My LO will not latch on, so I thought I would try expressing my milk to give her out of a bottle, but also using formula as well.

I used an electric pump for the first time yesterday. My milk had only just come in so my breasts were really full, but I got 5 oz in about 1.5 hrs. I was quite happy with this as LO is having 2oz a feed.

I've come to pump again this morning and in the same time I've only got about 2oz! The milk was just not flowing freely like it was yesterday. I don't know whether I was using the pump wrong or I just got more than normal yesterday because I was so engorged.

Either way I'm a bit upset about it, as I thought this would be a good way to still give my daughter breast milk even though she won't latch on.

Does anyone else have any experience with this?

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I know you are using formula too, but you might find the sticky thread at the top of the breastfeeding forum - ins and outs of exclusive expressing - has some really good tips, or info on what's normal.

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I've been exclusively pumping and giving formula for 7 months now. There is a great FB group if you are still pumping. This is the website I used for reference

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I pumped for my little girl for a year along with giving formula top-ups because she couldn't latch.

If you are seeming to get less milk, definitely check that your pump is all put together correctly, as a lack of suction will drastically decrease your output (and your boobs will not feel empty). You might have got extra because of being engorged, but if you pump as much as you can (lots of short sessions, not one or two long sessions, as I learned to my very painful, chapped, and bleeding cost!) and try to keep each pump at roughly the same time each day, your supply will increase.

When you pump, use your hands to massage your boobs downwards towards the nipple, which will encourage emptying. Heat will also help with this. Make sure you're well hydrated and as well nourished as you can be, as lack of energy and fluid will affect your output.

If you still want to get your baby back to the boob, a good lactation consultant is worth investigating. Midwives and midwife assistants are not the best people to help with bfing issues unless they also have very very extensive bf training - we saw many, and ALL of them missed my DD's posterior tongue tie.

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In my opinion, you can use manual breast pumps occasionally for feeding your baby. It has lightweight design is compact and safe.

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