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You could buy one or two of the pre made bottles/cartons. That way you can see what one your baby likes! That's what I did with DD and it turned out she only liked cow and gate so that's what we bought

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Huge hugs xxx
I get the guilt.
My son had a stroke, was in neo and unable to eat for a week.
I pumped to feed him but never had enough so combo fed.
They said that was perfectly fine to do
He struggled with bf , due to my supply being lower and his dissabilities.
I pumped for two months
And eventually after 2 exhausting months and much crying I gave up
That's what it felt like, that I gave up.
Everyone else ( maybe bar mil ��) was happy when I went to formula
Including baby
And me once I relaxed about it.
U know whatts right for u and bub
Happy baby , happy mom
And vice versa.
Most formulas r very similar
I gave ds a comfort one which seemed to suit him
It has less lactose in it
So easier to digest.
Also I think a lot of ds problem was silent reflux
Once he got on Zantac his feeding and mood were heaps better
Loads of times Dr told me he didn't have it
He did and still does ,
Due to his cerebral palsy.
Hope u feel better about ur decision
I was formula fed and I'm good ��

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