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Switching from bf and she's only taking 2oz

Hi all

After some advice! I'm switching my 8 week old baby over from bf to formula feeding. It's been a hard couple of weeks!! She refused to take the bottle and then we eventually switched from tommee tippee to mam and from aptamil to cow and gate, and although she still fusses a bit, she will eventually take it. We started with one bottle a day and now up to two and bf the rest but I'm concerned as she only takes 2-3iz per bottle. I assume this is because she's ao used to in demand bf. It means in always tempted to top up with breast between feeds when actually I'm trying to stop them! Anyone had this issue? I'm going to buy medium flow teats today to see if they make a difference. This is my 2nd baby I didn't have this issue with my son who took the bottle and every ounce he could get immediately so it's stumped me!

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I don't think that sounds strange if you think that a young baby might want 7 - 10 feeds per 24hrs. That will give you 21 - 30oz a day on 3oz bottles. Obviously if once you've stopped bf completely she only takes 2oz but won't feed regularly then it might be more of a cause for concern.

You never know, she might be so full from the bfs you are giving that she can't take more formula right now, but when you switch completely her bottles may increase in size.

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It's totally normal for small babies to only take 2-3oz per feed. My son only took 2oz at a time until he was 12 weeks old. (And even then we went up to 3oz at a time for another few weeks. He was sleeping through the night already as well.) Feed her if she's showing hunger signs, but don't over feed. She knows what she needs.

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