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How to dry up milk?

I started out breastfeeding for the first 2 weeks but have decided to switch over to formula for several reasons. How can I dry up my milk quicker? I remember with my other baby, I dealt with some awful engorgement and pain when weaning her. Now I'm scared to go through that pain again. We don't have any medications in the US that can be prescribed for drying up milk anymore. So besides cabbage leaves, which didn't work for me last time, what other remedies can help?

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I used pseudoephedrine to dry up my milk after both pregnancies. The new Sudafed is something different, but you can still get the good stuff at the pharmacy counter. Also, ice packs helped a lot, and keeping showers relatively cool.

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I am not sure if this is an option however this is what I did. When I decided to stop BFing is did it gradually. This was easier on lo and I didn't get any engorgement and was not uncomfortable in the slightest. But I am not sure if you are able to gradually stop your BFing.

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When I stopped I went cold turkey. Used a tight but not too tight bra, sudafed, allergy medicine, Advil and drank lots of peppermint tea. Or was it spearmint. I forget. One of them. Honestly it wasn't bad even without the Advil. 3 days of rock hard breasts then they went down. I didn't touch them except to change breast pads. I had daily clogged ducts though so that was much more painful than stopping.

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I have just weaned of feeding pumping so reducing my milk supply. I gradually reduced my pumping from six times a day to five for four to five days then four times a day for a few days etc. I didn't have much discomfort (couldn't describe it as pain) -'d a few lumps which went incense I pumped the next time. I still have some milk in one side but I think now I've stopped it's dried up.

I took it really slowly and it's been fine.

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I pumped when I became engorged. Over time I gradually spaced out my pumpings and usually by a month my milk supply was shot. I used a heating pad on my chest and ibuprofen when the pain got unbearable.

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