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There's a few mums at my sons school with babies, I'm the only one breastfeeding, we've all had a chat about the pressure to BF and I think they are brave to have done things how they want to. I enjoy BF'ing but it also looks like FF has benefits and if it makes you a happy relaxed family, then that matters hugely.

It's funny all the silly things we get guilty about. I usually use cloth nappies, but had Emma in a disposable at her immunisations and felt stupidly guilty and apologetic! Over a nappy!

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The thought of FFing hadn't crossed my mind when i was pregnant. I knew i was going to EBF. But we soon figured out its going to be a mess, as i was detected with insufficient glandular tissue in breast and thus, very low milk supply. my son was cranky for the first week of is life and subsequently admitted to hospital as he got got jaundice due to dehydration and lost a lot of weight. We switched to EFF from that day and he became a different baby altogether.

I was loaded with a lot of shit that every woman can breastfeed or shamed that why you not trying your best, but i had extreme support from DH, parents, in-laws, so we sailed through.

My son is 20 months old and his immunity is way way better than other kids his age *touchwood*

If and when i have a 2nd one, i am not gonna even think abut pulling this BFing stunt.

So dont worry abt what others say. you want a healthy & happy baby and that is what matters!

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