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DS was on SMA but was a very sicky baby which put me of the brand, not that I can say for sure it was sma that made him sicky but I just thought I wouldn't use it again.

DD has been on aptamil and we've had no issues, apart from her reluctance to feed every now and again but I don't think she has a big appetite!

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I tried DD on a few different ones. First was enfamil A+ and she was okay with it but very colicky in the evenings. Then we tried nestle Good Start and that was n absolute NO. Then similac sensitive and that was also an immediate NO. Then enfamil A+ Gentlease, which has been working perfectly. She's still colicky in the evenings but not as bad as with the regular enfamil A+. She does sometimes drink the regular A+ read feed bottles and she lovessss them

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